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Essential oils

Our candles are hand crafted with love and care. We use more essential oil than all of our competitors to give you the best smelling product. Our candles are hand crafted with love and care. We use more essential oil than all of our competitors to give you the best smelling product. all of our competitors to give you the best smelling product.

98% Recyclable Packaging

Did we mention packaging! All of our packaging has been specifically designed to be recyclable. The card that we use is made from recycled materials and can go on to be once again recycled. Minimising on the use of Plastics for our transparent lids, these are also completely 100% recyclable. Our glass of course is completely re-useable, or recyclable.

Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser

On the expensive side but the scent is gorgeous! Got this on offer at Costco.

Kushal Patel

Lavender Flower Diffuser

Have been using my beautiful lavender flower in the bedroom for 9 months now and I would say that I can definitely get 3 more months out of it. This diffuser is VERY long lasting. I was a bit sceptical that the flower would last that long, but 9 months on and it still looks amazing, very clean and firm. I am very impressed. The aroma is still coming out and it is very pleasant and calming. Just what you need when you go to sleep. Excellent value for money.


Aromatherapy Candle

Fantastic aromatherapy candle. The smell is wonderful, and the Crystal Glass is fantastic. Amazing candle will be buying again!


Aromatherapy Candle

A luxury candle with a luxury aroma. It looks elegant and is fantastic as a centerpiece.


Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Gift Set

In February 2021 you came to Costco Farnborough and I bought several items from you. I bought the Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Gift set (diffuser), the stunning Candle in glass and the car fragrance. I must say, I’m addicted to the diffusers and my bedroom has my signature smell thanks to you.

Joelle Yanko

Our Aromas

Home Page Amelia Amour
‘Serenity’ Neroli – De-Stress & Let Go

Welcome happiness & warmth into your life with the exotic neroli essences. Fill the air with this aroma to let go of sadness, anxiety and depression. This beautiful fragrance uplifts the spirit & induced feelings of…

Home Page Amelia Amour
‘Solace’ Lavender – Calming & Relaxing

A wonderful combination of essential oils, offering a calming affect on the mind, body & soul. This aroma positively effects your daily mood reducing life’s stress, anxiety & depression. Helps to improve your relaxation and…

Home Page Amelia Amour
‘Bewitched’ Ylang Ylang – Attraction & Energy

The Ylang Ylang in this blend will transport you to a calm & relaxing place while invoking energy levels to relieve stress and anxiety. Also, within this enticing aroma & aphrodisiac enhancing qualities; your inner desires…

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‘Tree of Life’ Oud & Cypress – Happiness & Joy

Indulge & uplift your spirit with this exquisite aroma, that serves as a powerful stimulating tonic for the central nervous system. It creates a warm & happy feeling whilst soothing frustrating moments to restore calm & allow…

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‘Tranquility’ May Chang – Well-Being

Come on a journey to relieve fatigue & lethargy. This wonderful combination of oils help to stimulate the nervous system to provide clarity for positive thought & improved intellectual enlightenment.

Home Page Amelia Amour
‘Natures Gift’ Pine & Eucalyptus – Health & Protection

This elixir from nature’s best will repair & lift your immune system with this amazing combination of quality aromas. This blend fills the air & intricately stimulates the respiratory tract while balancing your body’s ability…

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About Amelia Amour

We are a small family run business with a passion for the environment and better ecological understanding and interaction. With this in mind, we turned our heads away from using traditional methods of producing Candles and Scented products and made an ethical decision to only produce Aromatherapy luxury products that were kind to Mother Nature, our home ~ our planet, Earth & ourselves.

Competing in this competitive world we have produced a beautiful range of products that only use natural and environmentally friendly materials. The key to our steady growth has been our intuitive use of Essential Oils, with carefully blended scents that form our six variety of beautiful Aromatherapy expressions. Coupled with 98% of recyclable packaging, we strive to become 100% sustainable by 2022.

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