Our EcoJourney of Sustainability:

We have a huge belief in the well-being and continuity of ourselves, the animals and all of nature’s life systems. Our aim is to try to be good as we can to our Planet and promote environmental sustainability and stability, whenever and wherever we are – we would like you to be part of our intrepid journey along with the Amelia Amour family.

Therefore, we strive to source only ethically produced materials from our vetted suppliers that are as locally based as possible, encouraging to keep the carbon foot-print of each of our products as low as is possibly achievable.

Using sourced natural essential oils for our Aromatherapy Fragrances and in addition, we have NO paraffin or mineral based waxes in our Candles, only naturally sourced, soya or rape seed wax.

By the way; we do not steal from our friend’s the Bee’s either… 😊

Did we mention packaging! All of our packaging has been specifically designed to be recyclable. The card that we use is made from recycled materials and can go on to be once again recycled. Minimising on the use of Plastics for our transparent lids, these are also completely 100% recyclable. Our glass of course is completely re-useable, or recyclable.

Maybe better to say:

· All packaging card comes from recycled material and can go on to be recycled.

· Plastics used in our transparent lids is 100% recyclable.

· Glass containers can be re-used or recycled.

· Reeds for diffusers are recyclable.

· Floral diffusers can be recycled.

· Wicks are made from cotton.