Car Perfume + Refill bottle. Ruby – Ylang Ylang


Car perfume bottle 10ml + Refill bottle 10 ml.

Made with 100% pure essential oils.



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Our luxury car perfume is a combination of refreshing and stimulating essential oils, which will be a perfect addition to your car and will help you to fully enjoy your travel experience as well as keep the driver awake on long journeys.

Ruby -This blend of essential oils helps to boost your energy, perfect for mood-enhancing, antidepressants while liberating the mind of negative emotions.

Installation: Option 1. For Dashboard mounting, apply self-adhesive Velcro to the base and opposite Velcro to the dash. Option 2. For clip mounting, unscrew the cap and install a metal clip between the bottle and cap as you screw the cap back into position on the bottle. Clip cap mounting onto air louver.

Application: Remove wooden cap and take out the plastic retaining cap. Replace wooden cap. Insert the two wooden read sticks provided into the two holes in the cap, adjusting sticks by pressing them down into the bottle increases aroma intensity.





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