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We have a huge belief in the well-being and continuity of ourselves, the animals and all of nature’s life systems. Our aim is to try to be good as we can to our Planet and promote environmental sustainability and stability, whenever and wherever we are – we would like you to be part of our intrepid journey along with the Amelia Amour family.

Therefore, we strive to source only ethically produced materials from our vetted suppliers that are as locally based as possible, encouraging to keep the carbon foot-print of each of our products as low as is possibly achievable.

Did we mention packaging! All of our packaging has been specifically designed to be recyclable. The card that we use is made from recycled materials and can go on to be once again recycled.

About Us Amelia Amour
About Us Amelia Amour

We are a small family run business with a passion for the environment and better ecological understanding and interaction. With this in mind, we turned our heads away from using traditional methods of producing Candles and Scented products and made an ethical decision to only produce Aromatherapy luxury products that were kind to Mother Nature, our home ~ our planet, Earth & ourselves.

Competing in this competitive world we have produced a beautiful range of products that only use natural and environmentally friendly materials. The key to our steady growth has been our intuitive use of Essential Oils, with carefully blended scents that form our six variety of beautiful Aromatherapy expressions. Coupled with 98% of recyclable packaging, we strive to become 100% sustainable by 2022.

Continuing with our successes from our home-based business over recent years, we are now taking our own leap of faith, to expand into purpose built business premises, which will help spring board our way to presenting our Aromatherapy range to a much wider & greener audience. We would love to invite like-minded individuals on our eco-journey and help with our aspirations and adventures.

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Amelia Amour Family

About Us Amelia Amour

Angelika Slade ~ CEO & Founder

Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Sister & the well-being Soulmate Creator of the amazing essential aromas that go into every part of Amelia Amour.

“After following my ambition to create hand-carved decorative candles, I decided my true calling was to follow my heart & my deep connection with nature, to give back to the peoples of this beautiful planet, something that truly is; natures gift“

About Us Amelia Amour

Kevin Slade ~ Managing Director

It’s my greatest honour to be a part of a company that actually cares about the well-being of our fellow man, whilst encouraging all to follow the greener side of life.

“Coming from an engineering & construction background, I watched for years the way we continually take from the earth, without a thought. With this in mind, it has become our mission to build a business that will look after every aspect of its existence from our much valued customers, to employee’s through to every material used.“

About Us Amelia Amour

Viktoriya Makeeva ~ Sales & Marketing Guru

Formally working in a procurement & accounting environment, it is, without doubt, my greatest achievement to now be a part of the Amelia Amour family that brings so much pleasure & smiles to everybody that I meet.

“I am amazed at the kindness that comes back & forth from people. What a pleasure it is for me to help improve those people’s lives & wellbeing, by providing insight and a journey into using nature’s most precious commodities. Every day is a new day for your mind, body, and soul“

About Us Amelia Amour

Gena Makeev ~ Creative Director

Having changed my outlook on life, once filled with fast cars & fast living, each day is now how I endeavour to promote harmony and tranquility in the creation of our amazing product ranges.

“Waking every morning to do the daily monotonous commute to central London, took its toll on living. My life has now transformed and today and each day I take pleasure in spending my energies at being creative and oiling the wheels of the Amelia Amour machine, ensuring that all the family are happy and all the AAA products perfectly produced “

About Us Amelia Amour

Tatiana Makeeva ~ Aromatherapist

Beauty & Nature go hand in hand. As a mother, my work-life ambition is to encourage the perfection & quality of the Amelia Amour products for the better well-being for this generation and the generations to come.

“I love it when my Son smiles back at me, this is a mothers pleasure! It is also my pleasure to see the products that I produce bring smiles & happiness to all the individuals that use them. Together. Let’s make the world smile back at us every day.. “

About Us Amelia Amour

Gleb Rezinkin ~ Demonstrator Extraordinaire.

Following my personal journey of learning at university & following the Amelia Amour path has taught me the ethics & importance of using the right products for your own well-being and the well-being of others.

“I never thought too much about my environment and stresses and strains of life, until I started my A levels. Now having moved to University and working with Amelia Amour, my eyes have opened wide to the impact and improvement that holistic products can achieve. This is why now I can safely say that our product ranges help to improve our mind, body & soul in some many ways, from concentration to meditation, from blood pressure to anxiety. “